Shoot Lower With The Right Ball For A High Handicap Golfer

Right Ball For A High Handicap Golfer

I had that magic hole of golf. You know the type, where I played the perfect tee shot, I hit the green and I even putted the ball in for par. On the very next hole the golf gods were not as kind with me. I had fallen out of favor and my first shot was a slice, the next shot barely got off the ground and 5 strokes later I was on the green putting for double bogey. Hit and miss golf is my style of play. At some moments things click and at other moments I am ready to quit the game for good.

Most high handicappers either can’t get the ball up or they lose the ball too much to the left or to the right. This is the prime issues that they have as a golfer. Most do not improve their skills and they often work on the wrong things. The secret to golf is to keep your ball in play and down the hole. It is okay to lose your ball a little left or right but when it starts to hook and slice at the wrong time, you are toast, the golf gods have forsaken you.

Most of us need to play a golf ball for high handicappers that is a lot easier to control, a ball that has very low spin but that is also easier to get into the air. Such a ball would eliminate our slice or hook and give us a chance to shoot a decent score. Many of us have the wrong ball and equipment for our level of skill. If only we would make these adjustments, golf would be a lot more fun, we would have more control over the ball and we will shoot much lower scores than we currently do.

What Are The Best Golf Shoes For Walking?

Shoes For WalkingIt is just as important that your feet are comfortable when you are walking 18 holes, just like other features that you consider important such as traction, quality and stability. If your feet are comfortable and relaxed, you will be more inclined to make every hole matter as you make the distance around the golf course. Consider one of the following best golf shoes for walking when you are looking for a quality shoe for your feet.

Purchasing the right golf shoes is just as important as purchasing the right golf clubs or the best balls. The following shoes are ranked for their comfort and popularity among golfers across the country.

Adidas Tour360

This men’s shoe from Adidas has many highlights beyond the cleats. It is a lightweight shoe that offers comfort, performance and protection. The 360WRAP system by Adidas allows the shoe to have premium stability in the upper region and helps with the custom fit feel that golfers appreciate. Golfers are allowed to walk easily and continuously until their day has ended.

As of this writing, this shoe is for sale through retailers for prices between $45 and $150.

Ecco Golf Cage

This series of golfing shoe is designed to fit the feet so they actually feel like the golfer’s second skin. It is a weather resistant shoe, and the leather upper is also water resistant. The shoes are available in many different colors, and they are very fashionable. In fact, they will stand out when worn on the golf course because they have a look that is all their own.

These two golf shoes are a part of an elite group of the best golf shoes for walking on the market. They are very comfortable, and give players to comfortably walk from one hole to the next when they are on the golf course.

The Best Golf Gloves Under $10

Best Golf Gloves Under $10

Golf gloves do not have to be as expensive as how other people think them to be. Some of the best golf gloves can actually be bought for under $10 both online and offline. Here are a few brands of golf gloves which you can get for under $10 to help get you started.

Zevo Synthetic Gloves – These gloves can even be gotten for a much cheaper price as some of them are under $5. The good thing about these gloves is that they are very helpful in hot weather as they are able to redirect the moisture from your hands, allowing your hands to feel much more comfortable and allowing them to breathe freely.

Lynx Junior Synthetic Gloves – These gloves are a bit more expensive than the Zevo ones and they usually go for $7. The great thing about the Lynx gloves is that they are very lightweight and the person wearing it might not even feel like they are wearing it. Do not think that just because it is not durable and long-lasting just because it is lightweight, for you might be surprised at how long you can use the glove for.

Snake Eyes Performance Gloves – The Snake Eyes brand of gloves come with a lot of different versions but most of them can be gotten for under $10. They are a bit more expensive than the previous 2 brands because they are made of better material and more comfortable. The different versions of them also focus on different aspects such as grip, moisture control and so on.

As you can see, purchasing golf gloves do not necessarily have to be an expensive task. If you are worried about the quality of them just because they are cheap, you can always visit an offline store in person to have a feel of these gloves and try them out on your own hands.